The Rossi Family

Resisting You

This small town is not big enough for both of us.

I’ve been ignoring billionaire Luke Kim for six long years.

But this is a small town and I’m just a plus size fashion designer trying to build my business.

But then he runs into a burning building to save me.

And that gets my attention.

I can’t deny the sparks between us, and pretty soon we’re both feeling the heat.

When the smoke clears, can we forge this enemies to lovers passion into a happily ever after?

Holding You

I thought I could control myself.
I thought I could have a quick taste.
I was dead wrong.

One slow dance and a kiss in my empty restaurant was all it took for me to fall for the babysitter.

When Eliza Hemming lost her nursing job after saving my daughter’s life, my protective streak took over
and I offered her a job.

Now she has me wanting things I can’t have.

She’s everything I’m not—young, impulsive, and fun. My control unravels with every bite of her lip,
lingering touch, and forbidden kiss.

Being a single dad and running a business in small-town Havenport is complicated on a good day. I’m
just a grumpy forty-one-year-old trying to keep all the balls in the air.

Can I juggle everything or will something drop? And if it’s my heart, will I survive the fall?

Embracing You

She offered me a deal I couldn’t refuse.
A little summer fling. Casual, no expectation… and a firm expiration date.

Samantha Sullivan and I have been best friends since childhood. Totally platonic. We had never crossed the line, not even once.

Until now.

Sam has been running away from our small town for nearly twenty years, but after receiving a life-changing diagnosis, she craves the comfort of home … and my arms.

She doesn’t want things to change, but I have loved her every day I’ve known her, and now I’m addicted to her curves, her taste and the feel of her skin.

She’s too used to running, and this fling may have a deadline, but we didn’t just cross the line, we smashed it to pieces.

She is my past, present and future. And I’m not going anywhere.